Ross-Bluford Funeral Home will be a new and innovative type of funeral service provider. It will provide a celebration of life when an individual expires and gather social support for the living to bring closure. This will be made possible by providing a family lounge after the funeral where people can gather for an uplifting environment surrounded by digitized photos and films of the life being celebrated. The family lounge will include intimate gathering areas for people who want to be away from the larger activities, and private meeting rooms with couches and chairs. These facilities will also be available for the use of nonprofits and local events, further integrating the funeral home into the community.

This combination of life celebration and social support is the way people of the Baby Boomer generation are demonstrating they want to be funeralized. Traditionally, Boomers want to be directly involved in making choices about their parents’ funerals, and are in the leading edge of a demographic bulge that is beginning to experience more funerals itself. Funerals for Boomers are expected to increase dramatically until the annual number of funerals by 2040 will nearly double from its current levels.

The funeral home will be located in a building in the southern portion of Charles County which a small community closely adjoined to a larger demographic area called Southern Prince Georges County and unserved by funeral homes. The ideal funeral home will have lots of light and green space that will show warmth and be very welcoming .every family. Recognizing that each family is unique, our staff prov.ides personalized assistance to create a meaningful service that honors the life and memory of your loved one.