William Nelson, Jr.

William Nelson, Jr.


May 29, 1934 – May 15, 2016

Reflection of Life

William received his education in Winston Salem, NC. He always loved music and
learned to play the piano at a very young age. He also sang at many programs in
school. He once won first place in a singing contest. He graduated from Carver
High School in 1952. After graduation he worked at night and attended college
during the day. He paid for his own education. It took him more than 4 years but
he remembered what his mother said. He graduated from Winston Salem
Teachers College (now Winston Salem State University) in 1958. He later received
his Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. He came to Washington, DC in
1963. He started teaching in the DC public school system. His Wife and three
daughters joined him. He retired from the District Government after 30 years of
service. In addition to teaching school he played the piano and organ for several
churches. He had a gospel choir at school and directed several choirs in the
church. He learned to many instruments and taught music lessons to several
people. He joined First new Hope Baptist Church when he came to Washington,
DC in 1963.

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